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Two weeks ago I found myself on a flight to NY with Eos. one of the new premium airlines. I left London on a balmy, suspiciously sunny day for April, headed for the less-than-upmarket terminal of Stansted and was finally spirited into this unreal capsule of luxury along with 40 or so other passengers.
It could have been perfect – from the Taittinger being poured down my throat to the flat-bed, gourmet fodder and cosseting service. Six cabin staff swanned up and down the aisle catering to our needs. But, after a decent snooze and just before arriving in NY we hit a storm. Turbulence set in as we circled round and round or up and down – you never know up there in the clouds. Later we learnt it was a classic ‘nor-easter’ bringing New York’s worst rainfall since the 1880s.