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The rhythm is relentless. We Brits, it seems, just can’t get enough of those tasty Spanish morsels that come under the ever-expanding umbrella of tapas. Another day, or let’s say, another week, and a new tapas bar opens. And they’re not always Spanish, as other nationalities have leapt on the bandwagon, but the best are, in my opinion, straight from the Iberian peninsula – but then I’m biased.


Sometimes when working on location you just have to go with the flow. You are no longer in control as you are back at base, so occasionally it’s a case of take a deep breath… Back inside the pages of Medina Kitchen, there is one photo of a sumptuous looking pistachio cake with a huge slice out of it and a trail of crumbs. When I see it I smile – but that’s now, about a year on. The cake actually looks fine in this half-demolished state and in fact bathes in a luminous golden glow on its brass platter.