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Everyone knows about San Sebastian, its gourmet pintxos and its galaxy of Michelin starred restaurants. It’s been written about umpteen times, including on this blog here and here. Between gastro-indulgences, visitors might also spot the Kursaal (1999) – below, a masterpiece designed by Rafael Moneo, and the stylistic opposite to its famed contemporary, Bilbao’s fabulous Guggenheim,  an hour or so away.



Equally, any foodie worth his or her salt knows all about the crustacean and mollusc temptations of Galicia and, not least, Santiago de Compostela‘s spectacular Romanesque cathedral, the target of the so-called Way of St James.

Rolling through the hills of Asturias is like a magical mystery tour – taking you way back into the past as if the 20th century never happened. It`s not all like that of course, but up in the mountains, the Picos de Europa, it seems `modern life` passed them by completely.