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It was about time this Brexit-plagued country got an injection of vibrant colour and a sense of creative stoicism – and here it is, courtesy of a spectacular exhibition at the V&AFrida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up.

Frida Kahlo:Making Her Self Up

The genesis of the exhibition was a bathroom in her house which, for 50 years after her death, remained closed on the orders of her husband, the great muralist Diego Rivera. Then, in 2004, came the Open Sesame moment. Out tumbled 6,000 photos and 22,000 documents, plus 300 personal items, many of which form a touching and surprising part of the exhibition.

You can hardly call it fashion as Alexander McQueen’s soaring imagination knew no bounds. Savage Beauty, the exhibition dedicated to his peerless designs which just opened at London’s V&A, explodes with theatricality. At the same time it’s hauntingly visceral – in keeping with the man himself (1969-2010) who also designed his own tragic end.


Not being a fashionista, I shan’t indulge in any critique of this mesmerising show, merely say that if you’re anywhere near London between now and August 2, when it closes, make it an absolute priority. 200 tickets will be released daily, so there’s no excuse. Here are a few pics and pointers as to what awaits you.

An enlightening and intensely moving exhibition opens tomorrow at the British Museum amid huge fanfare. It reveals Pompeii and Herculaneum society and the catastrophic fate of these neighbouring towns when engulfed by the lava of Vesuvius nearly 2000 years ago. The exhibition is chockablock with sublime sculptures, mosaics and frescoes, but for this blog I’ll flag up what we’re all interested in, namely food and wine. Apologies for the quality of the pics – the iphone had a hard night.