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Food and travel are what make me tick – even better when I can write or talk about them.

More than 30 years of travel over six continents have resulted in dozens of articles and 15 books, including 4 travel-cookbooks. On these journeys I have come to realise that gastro-communication is key. Who doesn’t like food – whether grazing at the markets of Oaxaca, Cadiz or Luang Prabang, or salivating over street food in Burma or Kolkata? And there is no better non-verbal way to relate to people than through their cooking - over a sizzling pan, in a restaurant or beside heaps of market produce.

Luckily my hometown of London offers an unrivaled choice of global cuisines to indulge in when I'm not on the road or relaxing in my village retreat in Andalusia. London is also where I share an inspiring cultural life with my journalist partner, Richard.

So order my cookbook(s), read my blog or indulge in some armchair travel through photos or features.

Thank you for dropping by and come back soon!

Fiona Dunlop

Travel cookbooks

Andaluz Book written by Fiona Dunlop, here featuring a second cover design
Andaluz - A Food Journey through Southern Spain

A vivid window on the culture, history, landscapes and food of Andalucía, with over 100 recipes from 21 chefs and cooks, inspiring travelogue and stories revealing the lasting impact of the Moors of Al-Andalus.

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The North African Kitchen

Authentic recipes culled from eight home cooks in Marrakesh, Fez, Tunis, Carthage and Tripoli (Libya) - make up a mouth-watering and evocative gastro-journey across North Africa, via souks, riads and contemporary kitchens.

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Real Mexican Food
Mexican Modern / Real Mexican Food

An exploration of the revival of pre-Hispanic cooking in some of Mexico's top restaurants, including acclaimed chefs Enrique Olvera of Pujol, Martha Ortiz of Dulce Patria and Alejandro Ruiz of Casa Oaxaca. Street food too!

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New Tapas Book
New Tapas

Innovative tapas cooks contributed recipes to this groundbreaking book, first published in 2002, that rapidly became an international bestseller. Snapshots of chefs from six popular regions illuminate this gregarious Spanish tradition.

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