It was nearly three weeks ago and already feels like years. Time seemed to stop as we floated down the Mekong from the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Burma and Laos stare each other in the face, to end our journey at Luang Prabang, the spiritual capital of South East Asia. I’ll write more if & when I have time, but the Mekong is so visual it hardly needs words.


From banks of pristine tropical forest to clouds drifting over the hills, delicate monochrome landscapes, villages where little has changed in centuries, breathtaking skyscapes, sudden downpours then brilliant sunshine. It was a voyage of constant visual drama and emotion – but also full of breathing space and time for contemplation.


At moments it felt like the Ganges high in the Himalayas, then suddenly we were back in the embrace of the warm tropics, engaging (somehow) with local minorities in their villages, buying their weavings or devouring their fabulous food. Yes, contrary to most reports, Laotian food is as delicious as and quite different to its big bad neighbour, Thailand. But that’s another post. In the meantime, just slip away downriver…