"As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life, and travel, leave marks on you. Most of the time those marks, on your body or your heart, are beautiful. Often though, they hurt"

Anthony Bourdain, the late great travelling chef, writer, TV presenter & humanitarian

Those words above express, far better than I ever could, my own experience. Scars there may be, yet there is also a wealth of vivid memories that sustain me, whether of people or places. Those threads weave an intense story.

A recurring theme in my travel-writing, books and tours is my love of mixing the high-end with the low, beauty with quirkiness, sophistication with the everyday. I seek the unusual and above all the authentic – light years from artificial enclaves where so-called 'travellers' have no contact with the country or its people.


So why not share this spirit to venture deep beneath the surface? Come with me to discover the real Andalucía on a journey through its rich, complex culture and majestic landscapes studded with spectacular monuments. Once you know the region, you will be hooked, I guarantee it.

In November 2018 and again in Spring 2019, I shall be leading a Secret Andalucia tour with Toma & Coe, arguably Andalucia’s most original tour operator. Their motto, “Experience the Spain you never knew”, fits my ethos perfectly.

Read about Secret Andalucía here...

More Andalucian food and travel experiences are being plotted so do contact me for updates. I also consult on private bespoke tours, designing an itinerary according to your tastes.

If you can't join me on a tour, then check out my photos!

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